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Save My Society Campaign

HIV/AIDS Education Campaign

AIDS - This plague that killed twenty millions people hasnt done with us yet.
Unfortunately my great country Nigeria is on the edge of being destroyed.

In Nigeria, HIV 1 - is the most prevalent virus (HIV - 1 is 90% - 95%, while HIV
- 2 is 5% - 10%). Research shows that Nigeria is currently placed third in
Africa with 4.5million Nigerians already living with aids virus. It is estimated
that the next three year. 1 million Nigerians Youths would have been infected.

It is necessary to launch a major advocacy campaign to deal with this culture of
silence about HIV/AIDS.

In Nigeria, taking Enugu State as a case study our research shows that majority
of people are living with this deadly virus - HIV/AIDS and has perished
following the prior attacks by the virus.
True Igbo Youth Solidarity Movement is seeking for $50,000 to organize an
HIV/AIDS awareness program for in-school youths, within the age bracket of 15-45
years. And this happened to be the countrys working population.

Definitely this is not a good report for the leaders of tomorrow of my country.

AIDS has changed the personal as well as political - how we think and love, what
we teach our children.

Unfortunately some students/workers who are HIV/AIDS positive have been thrown
out of school and work for testing positive. How do this people survive? How do
they care for their love ones? How do they fulfill their dreams in life? You and
I make a difference by reaching out.

Permit me to quote here one young girl said since I got the virus from men, I
am going to spread it to them I cant die alone. You can see this purely
African mentality.

People ought to be encouraged to stop discrimination and stigmatization.
Despite our general fund raising effort, our program budget is far from balance.

Undaunted, our is an organization committed to excellence, with a clear vision
and passion for delivering outstanding results. We ask you to work with us to
capitalize our growth and strength.

The challenge at this stage is to seize the opportunity take risk, to realize an
innovation to fight the spread of this virus in our society.

We observe that the campaign will help in curbing the spread of the pandemic and
involving particularly young men, more fully in the effort against AIDS. It is
also to bring a much-needed focus on men in national response to the epidemic
and to involve leaders, both as politicians and as individuals in taking actions
against AIDS.

HIV/AIDS records from University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu (UNTH)
shows below:

1995 - 48 patients

1996 - 70 patients

1997 - 90 patients

1998 - 130 patients

2000 - 148 patients

2001 - 116 patients

In the year 2000 and 2001 there was a decrease in the number of patients due to
strike actions. And this is not realistic because of gross under-reporting,
inadequate diagnostic facilities and official scenery in the country.


This will involve a five-day workshop on HIV/AIDS. The
workshop will be uniformly organized to club the spread of the disease and

This will involve Educational researchers, Doctors, Nurses, Consultants and
Professors, Group of experts, Administrators and Students. Hence the program
will comprise of:

  1. Rally:  A half-day rally in Communities, Urban area displaying of posters,
    distribution of bills and flyers. In order to alert the public about the
    workshop program.
  2. Seminar: Three days seminar, which will consist of different activities for
    each day.
  3. Education on the origin of HIV/AIDS, the fate of the world, Africa
    towards AIDS. And the penalty of the 20th and 21st century.
  4. Pre-testing counseling on AIDS. The workshop will provide opportunity
    for individuals to confirm their HIV status.
  5. Short communication sections, covering a wide range of topics including
    learning and the Internet AIDS economics and new technologies-section will
    conclude with general discussions on the topic,
  6. Entertainment, which will involve cultural activities performing
    groups, HIV video films.