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COMMUNAL COOPERATION HAS BEEN THE GENESIS OF HUMAN PRIMITIVE EPOCH Umunna socialism  is renascent ideology postulated for the purpose of re-awakening the consciousness and oneness of Africans and the World at large in this present world of insecurity. The word UMUNNA which simply means kinsmen in English has been a way of life and at the same time not only as a guiding spirit in the midst of the Ibos but as an object of communal cooperation, unity, collectivisms and consolidated societal integration which has existed in the life of the (Ibos) south eastern people of Nigeria from time immemorial and that is why I disagree with the Europeans when they mentioned about setting the pace of socialism, without knowing that the aged ancient African gentleman in Umuofia village eating Nchi meat (grass cutter meat) with his family whom he termed primitive abinitio, has been practicing socialism before their advent on African soil. Is it not contradictory in terms? Socialism comes naturally like sleep to Africans and not the attitude of the mind which was stated by Julius Nyerere in his philosophy on Ujaama socialism. We must not adhere to any bureaucratic orientation agency or political pattern, neither should we read at Karl Marx University nor obtain degree in political economy to know what socialism is all about. It is God given to Africans, Karl Marx socialism is man-made which is being built on adherence to political patterns cum revolutionary thought which African Socialism does not encourage but rather encourages communal cooperation between the rich and the poor, brotherhood, collectivism, believing in the spirit that we sons and daughters of the soil are one irrespective of class psychology. Umunna socialism stands as an object of social sanitation and reformation. After carry out proper examination of the present world of pandemonium and reflecting on its chequered history, one thinks that the practice of UMUNNA socialism in this present Africa and the world at large will help resurrect the love lost that has eaten deep in the structure of our society. As pointed out earlier the philosophy of UMUNNA socialism is imported from the life of the IBO SOUTH EASTRN people of Nigeria who before the coming of the white man, carried out their political, social and economic legitimate business based on the spirit of UMUNNA (kinsmen). They practice and believe in UMUNNA BU IKE if translated in English which means kinsmen is strength this made it possible for them to see themselves as one trusted each other, shared things in common which is the virgin foundation of true socialism.

            The philosophy of UMUNNA abhors injustice and oppression. It forbids greed and other dirty vices and preaches communal cooperation, peace, harmony and equal treatment. There is no doubt, that the adoption of UMUNNA SOCIALISM as a new African political, philosophical thought will help reposition the world for the attainment of communal cooperation, peace and unity which then usher in the new world order which the United Nation has been calling for.



Johnbull I. Ugah
President and Founder of TIYSM

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Action is most necessary in order to bring an effective change or revolutionary change. The change here is that of positivity being pursued by a man who believes that his generation needs a positive change in the midst of people who have suffered deprivation, intimidation, oppression and suppression. The course of Igbo nation, Africa and the world at large will be best protected if the philosophy of Ike Ikenna Ike who is a scholar in the making is implemented.

          This philosophy of UMUNNA Socialism is fantastic and fits the agenda or any positive-thinking people, but it is not perfect, therefore criticisms and correction are most welcomed.



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