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End Child Exploitation

Imagine a world where every child is truly wanted, truly loved and is blessed
with caring, loving parents who have a sincere desire to provide the best
possible guidance and protection for their children.

Imagine a world where every child is both physically and mentally sound, where children are no longer robbed of childhood by the economic need to work! Desirable? Of course. Believable?

Unfortunately, an estimated 250 million children are engaged in some form of labour mention was also made of the 600 million children living in absolute poverty and the 13 million who have lost at least one parents to AIDS.  Satisfactory solution to these problems seems to elude political leaders, yet, children problem are not limited to developing lands.

Instead of learning to read and write, they are tying knots for luxury carpet, mixing gunpowder for firecrackers, stitching footballs crushing and carrying stones, picking cotton and coffee beans farming.

Working 12 hours or more a day in inhumane conditions many of these Child labourers are victual slaves who must struggle to buy food for their parent cannot find work because employers prefer the cheaper and more compliant source of labour provide by the children under the age of 15 yrs.
The exploitation of child workers is a long-standing problem that is finally received the attention it deserves. All the member states have ratified the UN convention on the right of the child drawn up in 1989.  This document stipulates that children have their right to be protected from the
exploitation and hazards involved in child labour. The convention also emphasizes every childs right to an education and enjoys recreational and cultural activities.

Another effort highlighting this critical problem is that True Igbo Youth Movement is organizing a campaign against child labour. This will be in Nigeria from the 15th of June 2003 and will cover three states: Abuja, Lagos, and Delta State.

In planning the liberty march against child labour we've outlined the following
target actions that I would encourage all members, foundations, and
organizations to consider.
  • Raise widespread awareness about child labour.
  • Urge government to ratify and enforce laws that protects children and
    provide them with education.
  • Mobilize public opinion and action against the broader injustices that
    contributes to child labour.

  • 1) Promote positive actions by employers and consumers.
    2) Immediately eliminate the most exploitative forms of child labour
    3) Ensure the proper rehabilitation of child labourers.

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