True Igbo Youth Solidarity Movement
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Our Activities

Our activities are focused mainly on human rights, youth development, Humanitarian services and the need to empower the next generation through moral education training and enlightenment campaign.  We are also interested in the improvement of primary health care delivery, Adolescent health care programs, prevention of HIV/AIDS, child protection and child labour, social reforms, sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation,
care and rehabilitation of special needy children, youth development and youth empowerment, skill acquisition and youth mobilization for peace building and conflict resolution. In extension we also advocate for:

  1. Freedom of expression and association
  2. Promoting the rights of ethnic or minority groups (including displaced
  3. Promoting the rights of vulnerable groups including the disabled.

We believe that good governance must project the ambitions and values of our own society and people towards binding the nations wound and healing the breaches of the past so that in forging our nation, there shall emerge a hate-free, fear -free, and greed-free people who shall be in the vanguard of the world, a task force whose assignment is not only revive the statue of Nigerians, but to venture the dignity of man in the world.

Our challenge at this stage is to seize the opportunity to take the risk to realize an innovative, new, rewarding and productive future for Nigerians. Undaunted, True Igbo Youth Solidarity Movement is an organization committed to excellence with a clear vision and passion for delivering outstanding results. We therefore ask you to work with us to capitalize on our growth and strength  and to take advantage of our expertise in taking Nigeria to greater heights.