True Igbo Youth Solidarity Movement
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"...the challenge of Nigeria as a free state in the twentieth century is the need to revive the stature of and restore the dignity of man in the world..."
Taken from the 1960 inaugural speech of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the first Nigerian Indignenous Governor General.

Welcome to the home page of True Igbo Youth Solidarity Movement. An organization exploring and executing the complex but interestingly common task of helping communities rebuild and develop its youth and human resources. Youth development has not traditionally been viewed as a proper responsibility of social organizations, but in the last decade, it has increasingly come to be seen as a viable strategy - in some cases a the only strategy - for addressing the problems of juvenile delinquency, crime and failed states.
The Objectives of the True Igbo Youth Solidarity Movement include the following:
  • To mobilize youths and adults in there own communities in Nigeria.
  • To educate the next generation through moral empowerment 
  • To promote Unity, Peace, and National Patriotism amongst Igbos and Nigerians at home and abroad.
  • To abolish societal scourges such as poverty, AIDS, prostitution, and child labour.

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True Igbo Youth Solidarity Movement
Johnbull Ifeanyichukwu Ugah, (National Coordinator)
National Headquarters
Ejiogu Terrace, 3rd Floor, #10 Okigwe Road,
P.O. Box 2972, Owerri,
 Imo State.
Phone: 234-83-231382
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"The rebuilding of a new Nigeria is the commission and mandate our nationalist fathers left to us, their True Igbo Youths."
TIYSM President, Johnbull Ugah